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In the broadest sense, a social justice warrior is a person that uses complex serious social, economic and political issues as a way to further their own agenda by claiming they are fighting to "correct a wrong"

Specifically, it is used to refer to people claim to be fighting for social justice but are actually validating their own ego, looking for special treatment, or attention.

Ironically Social justice warriors cause more harm to their causes than good, as they are often ill-informed, are uninterested in dicussing issues as they are more interested in being "right", and aggressivley attack all who disagree.
I understand and respect that Karen is a vegan but every time we go out to eat she calls me a monster for eating meat, and constantly talks about how "she is saving the world by being vegan".

She just wants attention and wants to feel special, she is such a social justice warrior
by mazeltovcocktail May 04, 2019
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A person who causes problems for normal people through protest and constant nagging because they cant accept that life ins't fair
Man 1 talking to man 2: Yo i think that that woman over there is ugly and annoying.
Social Justice Warrior who overheard: Did you just assume that opinionated individuals gender how dare you, you cis male scum!
Man 2: Is this why god has abandoned us?
Man 1: Yes, yes it is.
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by Alt Knight May 29, 2017
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Individuals who are mad and get triggered by everything, they think they're helping society but what they're actually doing is making me mad and triggered. So am i a social justice warrior? I don't know i just really really hate them.
-Social justice warriors are a bunch of cunts
by KrabbyPappy July 11, 2017
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An extremely irrational, spoiled person, often a millennial who thinks it is up to them to change the world. Also known at an SJW. Typically, an SJW is very easily brainwashed by far-left college professors. Very often, they have never had to actually perform physical work in their spoiled lives, and this is reinforced by parents who pay their baby's entire college bill. Very often, an SJW will pass their time protesting, often wearing masks and performing violent acts against people and property. There have been many cases of SJWs attacking people merely for wearing a Trump hat. When presented with ideas differing from their own view, the average SJW fires back with accusations of racism.
"If your Social Justice Warrior ideas are so good and noble, why do you need to wear a mask while you're marching in the protest? ...And why do you have a hidden club?"
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by Hawks.Fan.12 July 28, 2019
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An SJW aka Social Justice Warrior is someone who gets offended and triggered by everything. Someone who can't take a joke very easily, or is offended by many things that normally wouldn't offend anybody else. Someone who's a pussy, essentially. An SJW is comparable to a snowflake because they have the same definitions, just worded differently.
Ashley: You're not supposed to use those for that, mister!
Darell: Shut up, social justice warrior cunt!
Ashley: Wow, okay, you're rude!
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by efishies15 January 25, 2019
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A word synonymous to retard, even though they claim to advocate for equal rights. Similar to traditional feminists, in that they fight for women, but different in that they see cis white males as the bane of all existences.

Under the pretense of equality advocation, they fight for a new social order, which is pretty much the social class in the 1800s inversed.
Friend1: Does that trans black women really think that transgenders and blacks are not able to be racist?
Friend2: Oh, She's just a social justice warrior
by soezieliestpotaetoe January 21, 2019
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