For females;
Used while persons are camming and one gets a phone call. That person has to show their boobs.
(During a Web Conversation)
Belinda Types;"1 sec, I got a call"...."Hello"
Vern Types;"Rule 8"

Belinda now has to show her boobs.
by Misse June 4, 2007
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The rule states any member of the group can challenge the leader and take his spot.
I evoke rule 8! Now I'm gonna kick you're butt!
by deano 177 February 20, 2009
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If you draw the last pint of beer from the keg then you are responsible for getting said keg refilled.
You know the rules. Rule 8 is: you kill the keg, you fill the keg.
by qpeojpernfgnrgrg July 10, 2009
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If it exists tangibly, it can be snorted.
He totally just rule 8'ed a line of cayenne pepper!
by echeng June 14, 2008
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1: Rule #8 doesn't exist. That's rule #9
2: But rule#8 says that rule #9 is incorrect
universe: *explodes*
by Officialmuffinman May 19, 2018
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Giving someone up to 8 hours on the dating swipe apps to respond after the initial match or after the last written conversation. If they aren't interested in you enough to contact you within 8 hours, then they won't be after.

Depending on the time of day, the 8 hours is to allow for a workday if they are at work and can't respond back or aren't allowed to have their phones with them. It also allows for sleeping. After 8 hours with no response, they get deleted.
In my dating profile: “Swipe right to meet someone fun and active. Looking to find someone with similar interests. Just want to let you know that I use the 'Rule of 8' with my matches. Hope to hear from you.”
by WordyWordpecker December 5, 2020
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The rules you must follow if you are a guy to become a male porn star.
You must be able to go, with out blowing your load, for 88 minutes (average of 6 times longer than a normal session)

You must live in the 831 area code (not sure really, but Northern around there)

You must be at least 8 inches....that gets most guys caught lying through their teeth (length is important, if it's too small, you can't see it on camera)
by dragonsniper22 February 2, 2011
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