Slang for webcamming. Providence: chatrooms and chat apps such as AIM, Yahoo Messenger and MSN Messenger. Often implies cybersex.
"I was camming with this really hot guy from Gerogia yesterday named Blake."
by jayb May 9, 2005
The act of masturbating with your significant other or random people by showing eachother over webcams
Dude, I was camming with this smoking chick last night, and damn, I could've died happy
by Pyro F. February 9, 2017
the act of orally stimulating the female genitalia; "Munching the beaver," "macking box"
I cammed stalker last night and she came on my face
by Meegerson June 30, 2004
crying and masturbating (c.a.m-ing). also considered multitasking.
"man, i thought about my ex-girlfriend, and before i knew it, i was camming.
by cam-master September 16, 2010
In a chatroom, Or on msn etc.
You put your cam on, and I'll put mine on
Abbreviated to c4c.
Sometimes people take it far, and go dirty.
But can be used as a means to see have a conversation whilst looking at the person you are talking to, and them in return looking at you.
girl 1:c4c
girl 2: for shure!
*girl 1&2 go cam for cam*

boy: c4c
girl: yeah, no-one else is around
by CaaBaaRaa May 21, 2008
(An automobile) equipped with an aftermarket, performance-enhancing camshaft or "wordcamword".
Dave's car has picked up over thirty extra horsepower since he had it wordchippedword and cammed.
by The Finer Definer June 2, 2003
Cam is the best person you will ever meet, he is kind, funny and extremely handsome.

He can be quite sexy or flirty but when he meets the girl he loves he settles for her and treats this girl like a queen. If you have a cam in your life you are very lucky, especially as a boyfriend.

Don’t worry he won’t ever cheat on a girl, he is the most loyal person i know.

His smile will make the world change its a very cute smile :)



Omg is that cam over there - he's really cute :))
by ...Scarlet... July 31, 2019