A term that is short for the word "second," and when spoken among friends can become the most flexible increment of time known to man. Commonly used by those who wait until the last minute to get ready to leave somewhere.
Dave: (knocks) Come on, let's go.
Todd: Give me a sec.
Dave: Alright, pack your shit up.

5 minutes later...

Dave: What are you doing in there?
Todd: Yeah, yeah, I need a sec.
Dave: Hurry the fuck up, damn it!
by T Hizzle April 8, 2005
The a frustrating typo of "sex." The opposite can also apply.
by Goat Hair May 16, 2005
Securities and Exchange Commission Lower than FEMA or FCC
whooped bunch of hooty jahoosin the sec doing nothing butt sucking the american tax payer while the stock market burns & ceo's screw investors. And Bush doesn't have a clue what sec does!
by itichie_nocanpo June 27, 2006
short for second. Used when in a hurry.
Slut- Do you have a condom?
Mofo- One sec bitch ... shit it's broken.
by Xhamlliku November 23, 2004
A simple word that expresses one's desire to have sexual intercourse with one it is uttered to.
Girl: bb wan have sec?
Boy: omw bb
by bigdicksexmanB) November 2, 2019
a group of really knowledgeable, hardworking and selfless individuals who really care.
Seriously Everyone Cares, about what, I have no idea.
by nick April 26, 2005
used wine or champaine, used in cocktails.
by delleric October 29, 2003