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A term that is short for the word "second," and when spoken among friends can become the most flexible increment of time known to man. Commonly used by those who wait until the last minute to get ready to leave somewhere.
Dave: (knocks) Come on, let's go.
Todd: Give me a sec.
Dave: Alright, pack your shit up.

5 minutes later...

Dave: What are you doing in there?
Todd: Yeah, yeah, I need a sec.
Dave: Hurry the fuck up, damn it!
by T Hizzle April 08, 2005
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Word used to define any amount of time it may take you to return to the phone or reach a destination; A word often used to deter another phone call when on the way to a party or other social gathering; another way to say "Hang on".
"I will be there in a sec," He told his friend as he was 20 minutes away from the party.

"He told me he would be here in a sec, but its been nearly two hours!!"
by Amphibian Man October 23, 2009
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(FINANCE) Securities Exchange Commission; agency of the US government responsible for regulating the issuance and trading of stocks.
When a company wants to raise more money by issuing stock, it has to file with the SEC.
by Septimus Severance September 02, 2010
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An abbreviated expression for second to stall for time or ask for a moment of someone's time.
"Hold on a sec"

"Give me a sec"

"One sec"

"Wait a sec"

"This'll just take a sec"

"Hey you gotta sec?"

"Not right this sec"

"Can I talk to you for a sec?"
by AreSeeCola June 21, 2013
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verb, based upon the Southeastern Conference in the NCAA; 1. to dominate and screw over via past success and present/future speculative success, regardless of perceived fairness or truth; 2. to simply defeat in a large fashion
Boss: I'm hiring Bill for the new position at headquarters.
Employee: What the hell?? The last time he did anything good was over three years ago. I just got SECed out of this s***...
by TideFanwithSense October 25, 2011
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A special form of sex that many people always want to experience, yet often never do. It is the orgasmic type of sex that feels so good that those who do experience it will always try to experience again, yet they don't realise that it's a one time thing.
Husband: "Holy shit, that was some of the best sex I've ever had."
Wife: "Yeah, it was so good. I think what we experienced was actually secs, not sex."
by nigerfagot March 21, 2017
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