to ejaculate a huge amount of semen
man you were just blowing your load all over the place with that chick
by s-dog1r November 22, 2007
ejaculate, cum, especially when it's fast and unexpected
All I did was take off my bra and already you blow your load?!
by Ripping September 9, 2008
When u blow a nice juicy load all over some big juicy tits u blow your load all over those tits ane make them white
Blow your load Bob blowed his load all over karens tits
by Bigmoistbob666 February 12, 2021
Fred saw a new BMW and he blew his load
by //* November 5, 2003
When a guy's ball's are full of cum and it explodes out out the penis
Jake : Don't you just love Kiersten's suction cup lips!
Chad : Not Really!
Jake I do especially whey she suck's my cock make's me Blow My Load everytime!
Chad : Who Cares!
Steve : Hey Chad! (wink)
Chad : Hey Steve! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!
Jake : Did you just Blow Your Load?
Chad : Fuck No! Excuse me I need to use the bathroom!
Kiersten : Hey why is there cum running out of Chad's pant's?
Jake : Oh Steve made him Blow His Load!
Kiersten : Oh gross! So do you wanna hide in the closet so you can Blow Your Load in my mouth?
Jake : Oh Baby!
by SlopNChop July 22, 2018
to have spent, peaked, or exhausted yourself or a situation, as if ejaculating (busting a nut)

In other words, to burn yourself out, overdo it, or jump the shark
I blew my load f*ckin' with that New Year's party, I ain't tryna do nann the rest of the week but sleep!

B*tch, you too broke to pay rent because you decided to blow your load shoppin' for sh*t you don't need!
by Kuahmel January 22, 2009
When one presses play on a Youtube video without it being fully loaded, resulting in not seeing the reason you watched the video in the first place
Guy 1: C'mon, just hit play.

Guy 2: Dude, you don't wanna blow your load before it's even half way there
by the honey-badge May 14, 2012