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The rules you must follow if you are a guy to become a male porn star.
You must be able to go, with out blowing your load, for 88 minutes (average of 6 times longer than a normal session)

You must live in the 831 area code (not sure really, but Northern Hollywood...so around there)

You must be at least 8 inches....that gets most guys caught lying through their teeth (length is important, if it's too small, you can't see it on camera)
by dragonsniper22 February 01, 2011

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Sexual act.
A woman allows her partner or partners to nurse off her while having sex. This is very easy due to the engorgement of blood to the breasts.
Girl: I'm a milk momma! Want to come over and have a drink?
Guy: Can I bring a friend or two?
by dragonsniper22 December 18, 2011

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A term for guys who can't stand to see two gay guys kiss or hold hands, but still watch lesbian porn
Selective Homophobia is all too common.

If it's guy on guy it's bad.

If it's girl on girl, it's all good.
by dragonsniper22 December 27, 2010

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Fear of sexual love or sexual questions
Erotophobia is used as a psycological term, to describe a phobia directly related to sex, and as a political term, used for example by feminists and in literary analysis
by dragonsniper22 March 08, 2011

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