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meaning i did snort.
most commenly used meaning to snort coke , charlie and for the geeks.. cocaine :)

Awrite m8 got any coke left
naw man a snorted it aw
FUCK a need a line
by Wee Blacky January 23, 2007
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(V) To suck in coke up through your nose.
by LarcLover October 21, 2003
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a double shot of whiskey or bourbon, straight without ice
Thanks for the the snort of your jack, bro.
by bk1zzle November 24, 2010
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A quick cocktail or stiff drink. A term coined by older men or baby boomers.
Man, I could do with a snort right about now
by Indetrucks May 3, 2011
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1. The most common way to consume cocaine (or certain other drugs that come in the form of powder). To snort coke means to suck it up your nose, with a straw or rolled up money/paper.

2. "Snort" occasionally can be used to refer to cocaine itself, though other slang terms for coke are much more common
1. Lets snort another line!

2. Hey man, can you get me some snort?
by Malicious Matt August 10, 2005
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To insufflate, that is, breathe in a line of powdered solid through a straw up one's nostril. Usu. applied to cocaine or ketamine.
He had to roll up a dollar bill to snort his K.
by Kerb November 28, 2004
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A common way to mock someone in Egypt for their insanely stupid beliefs
Person 1: "T-Series is better than PewDiePie."
Person 2: *snorts*
by GreatEgg March 10, 2019
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