Size of you-know-what.
When something is right-on or just as you want it

My god, it was nearly 8" (ie it was nearly perfect)
by Rosa January 24, 2005
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8==8 can be used to denote docking, a sexual act in which one inserts the tip of his penis into another one's foreskin, thus creating the "ball (8) to ball tube."
"Yo, me and my main man had such a fun night last night, we did some 8==8 and everything."
by mrfortner May 01, 2016
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“<8” means “love forever” or “a lot of love” :)
Lila - <3
Jess - <8
by heartsforells April 30, 2021
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you've heard of 69, laughed at 420
Now I present to you -8 haha
by JoeBackhand December 08, 2020
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A symbol used in texting or email before a sentence to indicate sarcasm.
Person 1: hey, is this a cool movie or what?

Person 2: 8/ oh yeah, i love the casting.
by Mirza B June 18, 2008
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