Ronaldo (also known as daddy ronaldo) is the most handsome and talented man known to this day. Pessi is inferior to him, as well as other human beings.
He has such a big cucumber, he must be Ronaldo!
by Pessi894444 August 14, 2022
Who loves to score penalty. He dives frequently. Penalties are overhyping his career.
He is Ronaldo.
by DiverPenaldo October 11, 2020
To get analy raped
Liam ronaldoed Param and Theo after the party!!
by MessiTheGoat October 7, 2018
Christiano Ronaldo a cheating scumbag that most the english hate by now.
Ronaldo is supposed to be wayne rooneys team mate for manchester united but aggravated the referee into sending him off in the world cup 2006 quarter finals.
by mc liam July 4, 2006
Cristiano Ronaldo, who plays for Portugal. He was named the sexiest player of Euro 2004 and World Cup 2006 by Gay Krant, a Dutch gay magazine. His name Ronaldo is from Ronald Reagan who was his late father's favorite actor.
Guy: That Ronaldo is an ugly cheater.

Gay guy: Shut up you moron!!!
by WannaBeCow August 27, 2006
1) Ronaldo - Once pretty special Brazilian soccer star, most goals in world cup history.. blah blah
now a fat loser who can go sit on the sidelines scoffing cakes with wayne rooney the bogan

2) Cristiano Ronaldo - spunky portugese spunk spunk who gave rooney the bogan what he deserved. famous for stepovers, dramatic dives and that bod, gotta love the soccer tradition of swapping shirts
1) Ive gained a bit of weight, i cant run for shit and im past my prime.. shit im turning into a real ronaldo

2) Im young, im spunky and i can play soccer real good.. shit im turning into a real cristiano
by Illhaveurbabiescristiano July 13, 2006