A man who is attracted to men
Steve: yo I think Ben has a crush on John

Bob: yeh he’s a gay guy
by Shaneow3n December 18, 2017
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probably some of the nicest boys you'll ever meet. usually hot. & extremely awesome. gay guys are great. most staight guys don't like them. which is wrong.
those gay guys are way nice.
by iLOVE'em July 11, 2008
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A man who is CLEARLY homosexual, but won't come out of the closet
"dude, you're so gay"
"I AM NOT*voice cracks* GAY!!"

"ok!ok!" *mumbles* not gay guy...
by datenshi09 November 2, 2010
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Girls don't like gay guys because they know they don't have a chance.

Straight guys don't like gay guys because they get all the girls but go after other men instead.
Those gay guys get so much pussy but deny it for the taste of penis.
by Rohàn Frederick October 13, 2008
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many people think gay guys are just some dudes who like other guys...but there is much more to it! you have to have style, co-ordination and of course the ability to clap your hands excessively and jump up and down at anything, jack off will and grace is my favourite example followed by shaun off coronation street. To be a gay guy you have to know everything there is to know about fashion and be loveable and sexy and fun!!!
Me: Ha Ha look at that totally self-actualized dude over there! He looks sooo cool!
My friend: Nope he just looks like a gay guy
Me: Exactly! Look at the way he jumps up and down claps his hands like that!
My friend: Claire.
Me: mhm?
My friend: Shut up.
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The typical gay stereotype of a gay guy who only acts but just wants attention
Gay Guy: O.M.G. i like your shoes lololol

Girl: uhhh thanks

Guy: shut up you fag

Gay Guy: you just hate gays

Guy: No your just a fucking prick who wants attention
by Dreaded Pepper November 30, 2010
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