Abr. DIFE = Death/Dream is for everyone. Comes from a song, named Dife by the rock band Nighkiss.

And Dife is that feeling, when you are happy and desperate in the same time. When you're painful painting rainbows. Dife is that unjustice, when you wish for something, but destiny breaks it.

"You're not a god, you are a doll.
You want be free, you want to fly,
it cuts your strings and you will die."
Check in youtube: "Nightkiss - Dife" xD
by Nightkiss June 28, 2011
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Similar to a fart or queef. The notion of gas escaping your body via the penis. It has been said that it sounds similar to air escaping a balloon.
Plug your nose, my penis just difed.
by the durfer August 20, 2010
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A penis shaped like a log. In other words a penis with out a head and the tip is flat.
Man, Dan has sucha dife.
by 99blaster32 August 31, 2010
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a synonym for cool, awesome or any other semi-exclamitory word
Dude, that car is sooo dife!
by Elise March 20, 2004
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