Dude: "Shit, I forgot my hydrating cream, how does my six pack look?" *pulls up T-shirt*

Dude 2: "Man, fuck you! You're such a Christiano Ronaldo."
by jonaspepe September 30, 2009
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A scapegoat for the fact that England were too shit in 2006 to win the World Cup. Nevermind the facts like Rooney stamping on someone's nuts, it was Ronaldo who ran over and spoke to the ref about it that cost England the game.

Oh and also forget the fact that Portugal defeated England in Euro 2004 in another penalty shoot out
Christiano Ronaldo came second in the young player of the 2006 World Cup

Defending for 45 minutes plus extra time with 10 men in football and holding on for penalties is a risky game- England got put out cause of it (oh and they're shit).
by Kieren and Grae July 7, 2006
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The biggest soccer failure of all time. He thinks he is the best, but he is the worst. Many girls call him handsome, but he is greedy. He played against Messi in a Clasico. He did score, but Leonel Messi scored last second and beat his team
Christiano Ronaldo sucks. He always takes off his shirt. such a show oof
by Messithebest trust me October 28, 2018
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christiano ronaldo is a footballer for man utd and portugal often criticised for his cheating (rightly so) and homosexuality.

a talented player no doubt who could easily win a game and be admired by many if he did not fall over like a sack of shit clutching his leg when there is the slightest gust of wind.

hated by fans across england he is expected to join real madrid next season despite his 3 year contract.

what a ladyboy bastard... cunt.
fact: christiano ronaldo is the biggest gay pin up in the world at the moment.
by dwayne rooney July 10, 2006
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christiano ronaldo sewy
me:whats your favorite soccer team?
speed:christiano ronaldo sewy
by bexzerker May 25, 2022
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