a combination of skipping and wavy arm movements above the head. Usually looks very fluid and extremely questionable.
The boy prancing down the street was shot at by the man.
by Koji Frahm October 18, 2004
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A prance is the cool kids way of saying "prank". "Just a prance bro".

~Made by Sperm Whale
by God_left_us March 11, 2016
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1. a gait showing tendancy or necessity to become homosexual or a fag

2. a certian procedure used to alert other homosexuals that you infact are homosexual and are available and looking for a partner to engage in sexual realtions
Jimmy was prancing down the street. All the men looked at him in awe.
by Scrote April 3, 2003
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What all good poofters do as they march in Poofters on Parade.
Bruce and Wilson are going to prance down Market Street again this year to celebrate Poofters on Parade.
by Bumkicker Slade April 24, 2005
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1.) A beeny baby that is in the form of a cat,that is very cute.

2.) A form of movement, where you sort of leap around, but a lot non-stop. annoyingly kinda.
1.) My favorite beeny baby is Prance.

2.) Quit prancing around me!!!
by Mooshkinana February 25, 2005
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That new Tiesto song isn't pop or trance, it's prance!
by Goaliemanshark December 10, 2015
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noun: a music genre
a blend of Pop, Rock and Dance, hence the name Prance
"Hey Jim just listening to this awesome band!"
*hands headphone*
"Wow what style would you call this?"
"Oh i'd say prance, its a bit of a mix"
by amba! March 25, 2008
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