used to describe somebody who has attitude, who has a presence.
Alexx says : Hey there Tarek, you sure are spunky today.

Tarek replies : Well thank you Alexx, I've been working out.
by TaLeX May 26, 2005
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synonym for "cool" or "radical", commonly confused with the word "spunk", which means cum. but spunky doesn't mean cum, it means cool.
Lil Huddy: Wow I'm finally gaining some muscle mass on my chicken legs!
Charli: How spunky!!
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A cool and awesome person or people with lots of pizazz.
Wow Jessica and Ryan sure are a spunky couple. Their wedding was wild and awesome. They sure played some jazzy music and that reception was full of pizazz. One day I hope we can be a couple with swagger like them.
by nobodysbabymama December 18, 2012
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In British English, spunk is semen, so to be spunky is to be full of (someone else's) semen.
Dedication - to my spunky girlfriend.
by supercomputerguru April 3, 2017
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to be brave and determined......
Yo! That girl blowing the boss' cock right now sure is spunky when it comes to getting her paycheck!
by MMM May 21, 2004
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to be covered in spunk, like bukakke.
Gemma's face was all spunky after the 5 man bukakke session.
by L_Z January 28, 2005
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After spending a long night with him, she felt scrumptious. I've never been spunkier, she thought.
by Mandingoe May 29, 2004
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