To Rooney someone is to stamp on someones balls
Or to be Rooneyed is to get red carded and sent home in shame!
Rooney was unrepentant after stamping on that guys nuts!
by Tartan Terror July 29, 2006
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An ass crease left on a leather sofa preferbly - or similar materials. Also see 'wet rooney'
That fat guy left a huge rooney on the sofa...
by ali wahab March 30, 2007
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Visible dark hair on the upper lip of a woman. A term used to describe a physical trait of a woman, used in the movie Intermission.
She not bad looking except for the rooney.
cat a lipper mustache girl stache Miss stache stache
by William Carlton April 17, 2010
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To lose one's temper and commit a violent act, especially during a sporting event.
I thought he'd fouled me so I turned around and did a Rooney on him.

I came home, smelling of beer and covered with lipstick, and the wife went Rooney on me.
by Mr. T.P. July 03, 2006
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To destroy a beautiful relationship by sleeping with a hooker.
I don't think she'll forgive me this time. I've rooneyed my marriage.
by bobed September 05, 2010
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