Served fresh and in abundance, this tasty savoury snack is carved from the finest Hand selected cuts of prime Thargoid giblets and crisply baked in three mouth watering flavours.

Used as a call to arms for Thargoid Hunting in Elite Dangerous.
'Anyone up for some morning Rinds?'

by HeyZ F March 3, 2021
Sexual practise in which the female swallows a piece of bacon rind which is threaded onto a piece of string so that at the point of ejaculation for the man, he can pull the rind out of her throat causing her to gag and her abdominal muscles to constrict, squeezing his penis mmmmmlovely mmmm lovely.
markus hoft loves to rind the ladies
by Farmer Fife August 30, 2004
Rinde is the outside bark of a tree
The rinde is just falling off that tree
by samebody January 18, 2017
a funky, scaly outer coating usually found on old, unwashed and cheap underpants.
"Honey, make sure you wash the Rind off these. I haven't used them since I played on the High school basketball team"
by dbswir November 21, 2014
The act of throwing or 'humming around' a fruit, preferably an orange, grapefruit, or tangerine with your friends, comrades, or fraternity brothers. When the rind toss is commenced, the citrus fruit will be firm but toward the end it will feel like a soft, juicy titty. The rind toss is over when the fruit explodes in someone's face. Can be performed inside or out doors.
Will: anyone keen for a good ol' rind toss after dinner?

Justin: Sure! let's hum it around later.

Ben: I hope I don't get exploded in the face again!
by Melonk December 10, 2010
When two chicks get off grinding their vag's together.
"Yeah! So the other night I was was with these two chicks and I totally had them grind the rind while I was getting a blumpkin!"
by The Phantom Dookie February 1, 2008
Cheese Rind, simply put, is the outside layer of dirt and grimy filth that forms on a homeless person's body, hair and neither regions throughout the day Most Cheese Rind is accompanied by a ripe, pungent odiferous smell.
Lisa: Let's go sit at the park during lunch today.

Sandy: No thanks. It's full of bums. Last time I was there I gave a dollar to a bum and he hugged me. I smelled of Cheese Rind the rest of the day. couldn't get that smell off.
by Eaton Holgoode September 17, 2015