To be eager, excited or interested in something/someone. A word of many facets.
Q: "We should watch Fresh Off the Boat tonight"
C: "Yeah, I'm totally keen!"

Q: *takes a large bite out of phallus shaped chocolate bar*
C: "Damn, you keen!"

Q: "Let's have tacos for dinner!"
C: "Nahhh, I'm not that keen on Mexican"
by Rain1110 March 15, 2015
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1)Eager to do something, or someone.
2)Used to describe someone who is ready and willing for sex, anywhere anytime.

1) are you keen for a pizza matt?
joe. do you think she'd go a three-way?
marcus. yeah, she looks pretty keen
by matthew szwec November 1, 2007
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eager or obsessive about someone or something.
that girl is so keen on hooking up with you.
by linds January 11, 2005
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used to describe something that is in a good state, or prudent

synonyms: rocking, cool, smart
my new shirt is keen!

keen of you to do this assignment the night before it was due!
by Anonymous March 11, 2003
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Something so cool and original and great that everyone loves it so much; something that is super swell

Being brought back by Ms. Emily of Brown College fame @ UVA
Man these chocolate chip cookies are Keen; Dude that book is so keen; The white spot is super keen
by Matt November 15, 2004
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Keen;a person who's keeps getting fucked by his girlfriend.
guy:hey,im horny lets get keen
guy:yeaa but your on top.
by iloveyouka May 29, 2011
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