v. In rap music, to "fall off" the radar, either due to not releasing any material, releasing crap, or selling out.
Did I fall off? Got you in your room ripping every 'Chronic' poster on your wall off. Just 'cause I put away the sawed off?
by keyshaw October 7, 2004
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to lose one's edge; become irrelevant
Man you're gonna fall off like Samuel L. Jackson; that dude used to do great movies like Pulp Fiction and now he does crap like Snakes on a Plane!
by 99overall January 26, 2009
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Past-tense--Fell Off

When a drug dealer does one of the following;
1. Uses all his drugs on himself or friends or family;
2. Spends all of his re-up money;

Basically, the dealer no longer has the necessary funds to support his, drug dealing way of life.
Dealer : "Shit man, if I don't sell these last two bags, I will fall off."

Buyer: "Man that broke nigga ain't got no weed, he fell off."

Trap Girl: "Hell naw girl, i don't fux with him no more, he fell the fuck off"

Dealer: "Nigga i went to the club last night and fell the fuck off."
by RSNQC May 14, 2011
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When someone flakes, cancels or just doesn't show up when you made plan.
We're going out today remember don't fall off.
by Blushingtwirls March 30, 2017
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(only used for regulars "noncelebs")
when a person makes an entertaining mistake in front others such as; tripping over a step in front of friends, drinking too much and vomiting on your girlfriend...
"Oh my gosh so James was leaning back in his chair and fell hard on his head......what a FALL OFF!!!
by L double July 14, 2006
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To (seemingly) disappear from the face of the earth
Disappear to a place one would be very unlikely to be found.
What happened to Tom? I haven't talked to him since ten years ago.

Last time I heard, he got caught up in a drug-related arrest. Somehow escaped from prison and was forced to fall off the grid, probably somewhere in the Amazon Rainforest living with them Natives by now.
by Ch4lk April 24, 2010
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