to speak loudly and usually belligerently without knowing what in the fuck you are talking out.
by vanuel February 3, 2004
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The usually brown stuff on a tree, has many textures!
I like to look at the bark on the trees.
by anonomus March 30, 2004
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The enormous cough that follows a huge bong rip.
Dude, don't hit that thing so fucking hard, you'll bark.
by Joe Collins February 21, 2008
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A female bark better known as a "queef". A female bark is a rare bodily function caused by a pocket of air forming inside of the vagina when it is constantly pounded by the wrath of a man stick and is then released upon removal of the respected scholars penasia
Example: "bro I was fucking this slam pig missionary and she fuckin barked when I pulled out"
by Thy bons February 17, 2014
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To break wind, to fart. Also used as a noun, i.e. flatulence.
It's embarrassing to bark in an elevator.
by zjo123 December 12, 2006
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To vomit, to throw up, to puke. When your digestive system works in reverse.
by Kel-C February 16, 2005
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Tobacco type like product/s rolled in some type of paper for the pure purpose of smoking.
You smoked all my barks,Man!
by Brett Sheargold May 26, 2006
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