2 definitions by Farmer Fife

A child that is concieved by anal sex.
Gestation occurs in the lower intestine and the baby is born through the anal sphincter which dilates (to up to a foot) in diameter for this purpose.
I always thought anal sex was the most reliable form of contraception until i got pregnant with a butt baby and contracted herpes.
by Farmer Fife August 30, 2004
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Sexual practise in which the female swallows a piece of bacon rind which is threaded onto a piece of string so that at the point of ejaculation for the man, he can pull the rind out of her throat causing her to gag and her abdominal muscles to constrict, squeezing his penis mmmmmlovely mmmm lovely.
markus hoft loves to rind the ladies
by Farmer Fife August 30, 2004
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