Someone who constantly repeats the same lame joke they've already told you 3,000 million times before, expecting that the 3,001 millionth time you're bound to laugh.
Retarded Monkey Fuck: Hey, what's brown and sticky?
Other Guy: I don't know, jackass. Why don't you tell me?
Retarded Monkey Fuck: A stick! Haha!
Other Guy: I'm so glad I have zoloft...
by Gerbilweebies April 30, 2005
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complete fucking douchebags

see words and misc etc.
misc tards are dumber than a fat retard playin in his own shit
by I AM GHANDI April 19, 2004
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When two people totally and completely screw something up and make a total mess of things.
Bowser goes to open the door for Maggie. Maggie goes to open the door for Bowser. A second later Maggie gets slammed in the head by the door Bowser is already opening.

Man, you guys are like two retards fucking.
by Strangebeast January 17, 2009
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when someone, who gets extremely lucky at something, starts talking shit and it pisses you off.
person A: HAHA you suck at hold em! I am the man motherfucker. I called your all-in bet and took you out biatch.
person B: You runner-runner'd me u lucky fuck.
person A: I knew that shiet was coming out and I knew you had the four of a kind and i would get my straight flush.
person B: yup. even retards get to fuck sometimes.
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I think... Uh... I think I got some Oedipus complex stuff going on. I don't know... I'm not a doctor.
Hym "So... I've been getting a lot of questions about the 'Kill the retard, fuck the whore' thing so here's my response: You idiots are referencing the thing that you're doing to me but you really don't seem to understand how it works. So, I'll explain to you it in a way that your malformed and unsophisticated shit-brains can understand. Everyone who sees me does the thing that you are doing. Every time they see me. You follow? You keeping up with this? Ok. So, for a time, everything out of everyone's mouths was some kind of defense or justification for the existence of a mentality disabled retard molestation cult. As you all probably know, that's a total non-starter for me. So I wanted to reaffirm that my stance on the topic has not changed. Kill the retard. Fuck the whore. That shit was annoying and if I ever start a business I will make they days that any one of those people die a holiday and will give my employees the day off. Additionally, some guy told me 'I was right' the other day. I know I'm right! I appreciate the sentiment though. And some people referenced the brothel madam today. Very friendly. But that's neither here nor there. I've already blown past my point. I've already done what I've set out to do I guess so... Yeah... Give me my free money now please. 😐"
by Hym Iam May 5, 2022
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