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exclamation made after winning a big pot. i.e. in poker.
dealer: Flush beats a straight. You win.
drunk-ass poker player: SHIP IT!!!
by MY JOT IS BIGGER THAN YOUR JOT October 18, 2004

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when someone, who gets extremely lucky at something, starts talking shit and it pisses you off.
person A: HAHA you suck at hold em! I am the man motherfucker. I called your all-in bet and took you out biatch.
person B: You runner-runner'd me u lucky fuck.
person A: I knew that shiet was coming out and I knew you had the four of a kind and i would get my straight flush.
person B: yup. even retards get to fuck sometimes.

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fuck off.
star trek fan: come to my house so we can watch star trek!
guy #1: Jot ga shibal saeki.

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angry reply to any offensive statement or action. short for "that's it!!!" usually followed with a punch in the nuts.
person A: i fucked your mom last night.
person B: THIT!

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