when someone says unneccessary shit about someone behind their back
justin was talking shit to michael about how kelli doesnt need a winter coat, shes fat enough to keep herself warm
by kelli fucking hennessy December 3, 2007
1. Just bull shitting around with words and saying crap you dont really mean.

2. Insulting someone.
1. Jeff: Man ima marry queen elizabeth, she's a milf!
Ted: Quit talkin shit man.

2. Jeff: Ted you suck so much that David Oreck is having a tough time outmatching you!
Ted: Fuck you bitch.
by Oz February 28, 2005
Talking shit is saying something that isn't true, or that is wrong and it's usually done behind someones back.
"Person 1": That g is fuckin ugly.
"Person 2": No she ain't, stop talking shit just 'cuz you couldn't get her.

Example 2
"Girl": How you gonna act all fine with me and then talk shit about me as soon as I leave?
"Guy": How was I talking shit about you?
by RILIL2 March 26, 2008
Talking shit-

1. Talking a nonsensical or unrealistic way.

2. The art of not forming words properly due to a lack of energy or motivation, or an overload of inhibiting drugs.
1. Playar1: I'm so going to shag your three sisters when we get back to yours.
Playar2: I don't have any sisters. You're talking shit, mate. =/

2a. Player 1: So, I heard you liked fail ass french dishwasher for streetlamp agreeable?
Player 2: ... =/

2b. Person 1: Asdfgs hai lcoh pasrs coman hodang bitch.
Person 2: ...Just pass the fucking vodka =/
by Viscan August 11, 2007
1. (v.) Speaking in derogatory terms of another or about a subject with which the speaker has little understanding.

2. (v.) To fart, rip ass
1. 'Don't listen to hizzle, my nizzle, he's just talking shizzle'

2. 'Hey, you talking shit again? I can smell it over here'
by G M$ney October 15, 2003
When a person goes behind another back to talk personally about them or spread rumors usually in a bad light
"Susan is such a whore she had sex with seventeen men in this week alone."
"Amy you need to stop talking shit!"
by Whatupyo April 3, 2016