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The name of the miscellanous section of the popular forums. Contains all the random topics that aren't appropiate for the other sections of the forum.

It has aquired a stereotype that it is predominatley populated, ironically, by people who don't even work out. Most members enjoy the anonymity the section provides and therefore feel free to post opinions and content that they would otherwise feel too embarrassed to share in real life, often with hilarious results.

Members have the option to post an avatar of themselves to show off their physique as well as the option to list their physical stats and age. If the avatar and/or stats are unflattering, they could end up being reposted by other members mockingly when they disagree with one of their opinions.

Members can be awarded with positive or negative reputation points from other members depending on the content of their posts. The positive points are known as reps/greens and are received for quality posts while negative points, otherwise known as negs, are usually reserved for poor posts and trolls. These trolls are disdainfully known as 'reds' and are largely ignored by the other members of the board.

It is heavily moderated to keep the frequent trolling at bay with moderate success.
"I just got banned from the misc for posting nudes."
by danmk March 24, 2010
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adjective; to describe a real life event that is worth saving in the 'misc' folder on your desktop...
I saw a dog sitting on the roof of my neighbours house, man it was so misc
by Oblivios December 04, 2015
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abbr: miscellaneous

1. Made up of a variety of parts or ingredients.
2. Having a variety of characteristics, abilities, or appearances.
3. Concerned with diverse subjects or aspects.
Mary: "Hey where did you see that mood rock?"
Frank: "I think its under misc, its called a vdaim"
by Rob December 27, 2003
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