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Short for Texas Hold Em, an absolutely wonderful card game where skill is highly utilized. To appreciate the game fully, one must play it and learn the ins and outs. "The Cadillac of Poker", Texas Hold Em
Let's have a hold em tourney.
by stinar28 January 23, 2006
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greatest variation of poker invented. A game where players are dealt two cards face down, then 5 cards are dealt face up in the middle. the best 5-card hand wins. many high schools such as my own (TCI) play for quarters and loonies and so on. Also known as texas hold em or Texas Hold-em'
danny: hey free money petric come over and play some poker
jason: k sure
danny: yo chris watcha up to?
chris: doin my project worth 35%... its due tommorow and i havent started
danny: come play some poker
chris: whos all there
danny: jason, ar-
chris: fuck yea ill be right over
by iNf3Rn0 December 06, 2004
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Holdems are people who you hold for when ya main aint acting right your holding em for the side
Jaden: Awe u miss ya baby

Lilly: thats not my baby thats a holdem

Caniya: wtf are holdems
Lilly: its a side piece lol i have 3 holdems
Jaden: oh lol
Caniya: wow lilly
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by stinka June 28, 2018
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