A Nate is a person is smart but acts dumb and always tried to make people laugh. In the end people think he is an all around great friend.
Girl: He such a Nate.
Other girl: yeah he's pretty cool
by Kingdohearts August 23, 2018
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Someone who if they were a ninja turtle, would definitely be Donatello.
by Bin27 May 15, 2020
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Nate. How can i write everything down. There's so much to say. Well for starters they have an amazing personality, they always find a way to put a smile on your face... even when you are at you're lowest. They are shy, sweet and they seem like someone you look forward to talk to when you wake up or you think about when you go to sleep. THEY HAVE INCREDIBLE TALENT, they are sympathetic and they always put others before themselves. They care for everything and everyone, and they are just overall hilarious. i have so much to say... but to sum it all up..... they just SWAG. :)
someone: "YO nate is so cool".
someone: " yeah i know".
by sheeeeesh April 16, 2021
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A cool motherfucker who is smart but acts dumb, and is full of life and loves to joke around all the time.
Friend 1: You see that guy over there? Heś so dumb and funny, heś a Nate
by Zero_Nero June 3, 2016
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Someone who reads urban dictionary to find out that most definitions for his name are negative and usually relate to some act of self pleasuring.
GUY 1: Bro, you look pretty sad. Did you search your name again on urban dictionary?
GUY 2: Yeah man, my name definitions are almost just as bad as Nate's
by Flip Nipples March 10, 2017
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