A person that is from Nepal and/or has Nepali descent. STOP ASKING US IF WE'RE CHINESE!! WE'RE NOT CHINESE!! (We are not Indian either).
Janet Murkins: Where are you from?
Aamani: Nepal <3
Janet: oh, Nei-Haow muh <3
by Duh_Lixz January 29, 2021
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A nepalese or nepali is some one from nepal. There religion is most likely to be hinduism or buddhism. Normaly they look either chinese/japanese or indian depending on where you live (more north: chinese/japanese south: indian). They have big clans such as: Gurung, Magar, Limbu and so on.
random man: Are you japanese or something?
me: Man, i'm nepali. I thought you'd guess, my dads a gurkha.
*random man backs away*

Random indian dude: Dude, you indian like me?
nepali guy: Hell no, i'm a nepali. Man, look at the eyes.
by Maichang May 27, 2008
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a person who is from nepal
and its generally a term for white people who are very village like
it is also a foreign version of gujjar
lvl 30 mafia boss: ey nepali
lvl 1 nepali: arre pai
by realgamer 55 January 16, 2019
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When your fuckin a girl and when she’s about to climax you give her a good titty twister.
I gave Linda the Nepali Twister last night.
by TheSliKestRik420 March 26, 2020
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The Nepali Gyrocopter is sex move in which the male and female both apply nipple clamps to their nipples, which are then connected to a ceiling fan. They then turn on the ceiling fan and procede to fornicate while dangling from the ceiling fan from their nipples.
I heard Janet and James got their nipples obliterated last night from the Nepali Gyrocopter!
by oTier January 15, 2018
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The greatest people in the world who have potential above all other people, or they could if they were more tecnologically advanced. They are all strong and fast, but just can't advance much further then that. They are beast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The nepali people climbed mount everest.
by BIGRJMAMA February 3, 2012
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A festival which is celebrated in nepal. In this festival the great DAMAN comes to nepal to do the famos nepali dance which makes the gods and godess of nepal happy.
by dxgfchvjkl April 2, 2019
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