A rack is (1) thousand cash could be within a rubber band. RACK & STACK are commonly confused in urban slang. 10 racks equals a stack. 100 racks equals one(1) book. 1000 racks equals one(1) bible. Also see stack bible book
Jen: How much money do you have to spend at the club?

Tom: 8 racks

Note: Technically equals = $8,000
by joey jaw breakers FLA February 2, 2017
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1. (n) set of breasts (particularly round and large)
2. (n) stacks of money placed in hundreds that adds up to be more than a thousand dollars
3. (V) to get 150+ likes on a photo on some social media
1. "ma'am, in the leopard dress, you have an amazing rack!" (usually followed by a slap but in this case, a cry from a lost baby in the back seat of a stolen cop car.)
2. "Stealing that rack is a felony in NYC, jackass!"
3. "Dammnnn, since when did that bitch rack on Instagram!"
by d-to-the-ray June 23, 2014
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1) a nice pair of tits
2) a medieval torture method, often used in England where a prisoner is bound with rope around the arms and legs and stretched by pulling the ropes in opposite directions until joints are dislocated causing excruciating pain
3) also a device used to rack prisoners in medieval times
4) the things clothes and coats hang off, either at stores, homes, restaurants or businesses
1) she had the nicest rack you ever saw
2) rack him!
3) tomorrow you shall face the rack if you dont confess
4) stop hiding in the rack and check out this girls rack in the woman's section dale, you big pansy!
by Solid Mantis August 1, 2016
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Noun. The impressive antlers of a mature white tail buck. Loosely speaking ten points or higher possess racks.
I couldn't stop my hand from shaking as the ten point with the amazing rack strutted near my tree stand.
by Blackholelight January 12, 2014
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1)Set of big titties
2)to steal from
3)a thousand dollars
1)My girl has the biggest rack at school
2)I racked mad cans from home depot today
3)ill give you a rack if you steal me a car
by whos ya daddy August 24, 2006
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A metal bunk bed used in millitary barracks, or often in jails.
This term is used by marines, or correctional officers.
Correctional Officer: All inmates get on your racks for count and prepare for chow!
by Gsxrkidd November 5, 2010
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Look at all this shit i racked from the servo.

Look at that shitcunt he cant rack for shit.

Look at him go he's racking like a champion
by Fathead(Steven Kay) Rackmaster September 24, 2007
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