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A word to define the smiley face charecter based on yahoo with the straight blank face. Meant to be used when the actual face in unavailable. Also can basically mean SPEECHLESS. Originates from a group of black women from Virgina (the DC Metro area) who were familiar with the face but did not have access to the face itself for posting on a message board they use to pass time during work hours, conveniently the message board is titled "that face"
*after looking at a picture of a 500lb woman in a thong*

the response would be:

"WOW! *that face*"
by VA_Kim July 28, 2008
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A common word used in the D.C. area to discribe alot or a mass amount.
"Man I got a rack of of shit at the store today.."

by VA_Kim July 28, 2008
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