1. A shelf for storing your items;

2. A huge pair of breasts, usually located on some women's chests.

3. Ranger Assault Carry Kit- a chest rig worn by US Army Rangers.
1. I never have enough racks to store my Soldier of Fortune magazines.

2. Gawd, that lady's rack is so meaty, one could shove a CD between them and lose it forever!

3. My RACK's got bullets and frags to spare.
by Monk of War June 04, 2005
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full rack, half rack, baby backs.
Dcup Bcup Acup
That girl has a full rack

" " " half rack

" " " baby backs
by DVF May 20, 2005
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1) a nice pair of tits
2) a medieval torture method, often used in England where a prisoner is bound with rope around the arms and legs and stretched by pulling the ropes in opposite directions until joints are dislocated causing excruciating pain
3) also a device used to rack prisoners in medieval times
4) the things clothes and coats hang off, either at stores, homes, restaurants or businesses
1) she had the nicest rack you ever saw
2) rack him!
3) tomorrow you shall face the rack if you dont confess
4) stop hiding in the rack and check out this girls rack in the woman's section dale, you big pansy!
by Schoolboy Peter July 31, 2016
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to steal something, to take something that is not yours, australian slang similar to gank.
also other australian slang synonyms are: hike, hitch
"where did you rack those kicks from?"

"i racked some good loot yestarday"

"i need to rack me a dress for the ball(prom)"
by pro hiker July 25, 2009
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Racks is another word for having loads of money
N: β€˜Famm i’ve been making racks’
via giphy
by Blinkii October 04, 2018
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Rack is both a noun and a verb. It is slang for Cocaine.
"Hey man, have you got any rack"
"nah mate, its all gone, i just racked it all up"
by backindauk October 19, 2006
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slang term for a rather larger pair of woman's breasts that men usually stare at
Wow, look at her, she's got a nice rack!
by Cockaloockle March 17, 2005
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