A: I dont care...B:give me a break....C:leave me alone....D:your crazy...
A: Your boy is talking about his raise and your broke ass responds, "nice bro".........B: your playing b ball and you get bitched at for missing a shot..."nice bro"........C: your wack girlfriend who acts like a dude is bugging you about going to dinner..."nice bro"....D: "lets rob a 711..." nice bro"
by nicky sot October 8, 2010
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not caring...i get it....its ok that your wrong
i just made a hefty buck"...."nice bro, i give a fuck!!!
by asaps15 October 8, 2010
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A sign of respect and praise between bros. Similar to the high five.
Ryan-Dude, we totally wrecked that chick last night.
Gavin-Nice bro pound it. Now lets go listen to some Dave Matthews Band.
by Gavy G June 12, 2008
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The best compliment you could ever get. Especially in the older generation of people, it’s a really common saying.
“Nice cock bro!”
- “Oh thanks, you too man!”
by Galle187 November 30, 2018
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A way to greet, and compliment one another with class. Can be used to greet men, women, and all the confused members of society in between.
Hey, nice cock bro!

Thanks dude I really needed that, my self confidence just got boosted through the roof.
by CaptainPlank12 September 10, 2020
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a thing that is said when a bro finds another bro's cock quite exquisite.
"Nice cock bro, I give it an 8/10 for girth."
by not Tom Araya March 12, 2020
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