'Rich Parent Syndrome' (english version of rich kid syndrome) i.e. somebody who has loads of money provided by mummy and daddy and have to need or motivation to get a job.

See also: rich kid syndrome
Leigh: "Dude I just bought an Xbox 360"
Paul: "Cool, how long did it take you to save up"
Leigh: "SAVE UP? Yeah right my mum and dad paid for it"
Paul: "dude you got RPS baaaad"
by KillaBetraya February 26, 2007
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River pit syndrome. Having amazingly sweaty arm pits.
Joe: Dude, its raining outside and and your pitts are hella sweaty.

Dude: Yah i Know, I've got RPS.
by samson89 May 19, 2008
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Short for Rings per Second. The number of smoke rings a person can blow in a second. Count how many rings you can blow in 5 seconds and divide the number by 5.
Bob and joe are having a smoke sesh.

Bob: yo joe whats ur RpS?
Joe: 4
Bob: daaaamnn
by Bijeebus September 08, 2009
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