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Short for Role Play, where people act out actions and events. This is most common on forums, especially with gaming forums where people act out characters from the game or RP in the game's universe. There's simple and narrative RP. Simple has rpers where events and actions are described basically and quickly. This mode allows for developed storylines, conversation, and cooperation. Though simple is usually looked down upon as degenerat and only belonging to n00bs. Narrative has players acting out actions and events very descriptively and often seem like pages from well written novels. Narratives are easy to screw up, allow for no or very little cooperation, and don't have much conversation. But narrative does allow for great fight RPs.
To role play as in an RP.
Lets do an RP. I'll be Jack and I'm at a bar.

I'm going on the internet to do an RP.
by Slavik Von Stockholm May 03, 2005

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The system of ranks in almost qany social system. For example, in an office:
Boss, Executive, Salesperson, Mail Room clerk, and janitor,
In a school:
Popular Kids, Jocks, Gangsters, Stoners, Norms, Geeks, Morons.

Also known as Social Ladder.
Since I'm on the football team, I've moved up the food chain.
by Slavik Von Stockholm May 03, 2005

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Internet sland. An abbreviation for Crying My Eyes Out. Underused.
"Laura dumped me the other day. CMEO"
by Slavik Von Stockholm June 06, 2005

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Laughing My Ass Off Again
Also an add on to the online phrase 'lmao' or Laughing My Ass Off.
Guy1: He called a biker a bitch.
Guy2: Lmao!
Guy1: The biker nearly beat his ass to death.
Guy2: Lmaoa!
by Slavik Von Stockholm June 01, 2005

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A bad-ass heavily armed person that is usually very dark, angry, and generally pissed off. Based off the comic book Punisher. These people though rarely get into any type of combat situation. Most of the time become murderers and get arrested or killed. Some smarter punishers though keep their rage in an end up owning many guns and sell munitions.
Don't mess with that punisher.

The punisher was shot after killing a gang member.
by Slavik Von Stockholm May 03, 2005

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Basically referring to a monster in a B-Movie. Most recently though, it is referring to someone who does something that is just corny or stereotypical.
Why is he a B-Movster?
Cause he always calls his house the Lair of House.
by Slavik Von Stockholm May 03, 2005

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Insults. Most assaciated on the internet.
V. To insult.
N: Hey don't flame people.
V: He just flamed you.
by Slavik Von Stockholm May 03, 2005

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