Stands for Real People {Slash}.
Also see {RPF} (or Real People Fiction).
A popular although slightly controversial genre of fanfiction involving real life people. Namely actors, musicians, athletes, politicians... etc. Basically anyone who is in the public eye. RPS stories or {fics} depict a romantic and/or sexual relationship between two members of the same sex.
Different from {fanfiction} or {fanfic} which involve fictional characters.
Follows the same general traditions of fictional slash, with separate cliques, fanlistings and archives.
"I just read this amazing Elijah Wood/Dominic Monaghan RPS fic, you have to read it!"
by Leli January 22, 2004
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RPS (short for Role Play Sex). Non-serious cyber sex where somebody else takes the role of a celebrity you'd like to fuck. Highly addictive and too much fun!
"When will your sister be gone? I want to RPS!"
by Magdolina July 28, 2009
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RPS = Reversive Pubertus Syndrome.

a condition which only effect's males and doesnt exist for females.
It is when a man or teenager who has gone through puberty goes through puberty again but backwards therefore reversing the original effect of puberty. turning the sufferer back into into a what is essentially boy. this can happen at any time in man's lifetime and is currently incurably.
it is extremely rare and most sufferers like to keep private
"look hunni that poor man has RPS"

well known sufferer's are Frankie munzz, justin timberlake and yoda
by Drwalsh November 9, 2009
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River pit syndrome. Having amazingly sweaty arm pits.
Joe: Dude, its raining outside and and your pitts are hella sweaty.

Dude: Yah i Know, I've got RPS.
by samson89 May 20, 2008
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Former owner of SMPEarth.
Stands for “Rarely a Penny Sent
Yo dude make sure to pay for our food

Yo why didn’t you pay for the food? We’re being sent to prison!
I didn’t know you meant pay immediately
God you’re such an RPS
by Pweaw July 10, 2021
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Roleplaying. An interactive social activity for people with the ability to write and improvise.

Sadly, roleplaying is being invaded by people who can't write OR improvise OR follow common rules of etiquette.

By the way, roleplaying is a game. Anyone who thinks that it relates directly to real life any more than, say, Crazy Eights does might want to have their head examined.
"I'm going to go RP with my friends."

"I'm bored... let's RP."
by truthfulone November 28, 2003
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