someone or thing who is not liked, or disliked. especially when it was formerly liked but is no longer.
them old caddys is unliked in the hood, but some day might return to favor.
by yup January 30, 2008
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Something I really wish I could do on Urban Dictionary.
Damn...wouldn't it be great if I could unlike this Urban Dictionary definition instead of having to pick between a thumbs up and a thumbs down?
by childish gambino fan July 25, 2019
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1) A comparative phrase meaning "possessing no great dissimilarity from, but not neccesarily possessing similarity to."

That subtle denotation escapes most, and it is most commonly used as:

2) a clumsy, noncomittal way of expressing simple similarity.
1) Well, yes, I guess it would be fair to say that Bush's appropriation of power for the executive is not unlike the administration of Hitler's Germany, but that misses the point.

2) He looks not unlike Elijah Wood.
by K-Wheezy July 8, 2004
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Taking back your approval of something that's been said or done, or something posted online.

This term originates from Facebook, where you can publicly say you "like" something, and then have the option to take the "like" back. "Unlike" does not mean you dislike something.
"I really like the shading and texture on this picture you drew of a man in a prison cell. Oh wait; the man is supposed to be me. Unlike."
by Moggraider July 30, 2009
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an expression used to indicate that you do not approve of whatever has just been said, or dislike it.
Originates from the ability to 'like' things on facebook and then 'unlike' them.
Guy 1: "Dude I just got the new Jonas Brothers album!"

Guy 2: "unlike..."
by shplurf March 17, 2009
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