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insert name here is a like, a TOTALLY HAWT guy/girl, who stands out among their friends, and has a great personality. They have a HUGE dick/tits and give a great eat out/blowjob. Once you lay your eyes on a(n) insert name here, you know you will hav it g00d 2nite!
Dude 1: "Shit! Not another insert name here definition"
Dude 2: "Who the fuck writes a definition about a name..."
by 73H L337 H4X0R!!1 July 02, 2010
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A dick who decides to either create a glowing definition of himself on Urban Dictionary, or looks up his own name on aforementioned site.
You're trying to find your name, huh? You vane (insert name here)!
by Ianislol April 25, 2017
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An expression used to refer to a person whose name one forgets or simply cannot bring oneself to care about.
Man 1: That was insert name here.

Man 2: Yup.
by Ereck Flowers November 07, 2018
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