Common battle system used in RP.
Utilizing a two post style Move and Connect.
Blocks have to be typed between the move and connect and be longer than 5 words minus poster name to be successful.
Successful Block in T2:
*R3W1ND lunges at Foe striking out with his sword.
*Foe swings his blade up quickly to meet R3W1ND's
by R3W1ND July 10, 2008
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Takes the place of saying "true true" when a statment is made. Used to aknowledge a statement made by another. It does not reflect wether you agree or disagree. Caution, may annoy others when used in place of a real answer. Primarily used for text communications.
friend states Yo man I'm really wanting to hit the club up tonight!
Your reply T2
by T22many May 30, 2008
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Sex god good at any thing you can think of these a lady man pulls any one
by November 23, 2021
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The upgraded version of the Thurminator. It's perogatives:
I) to return to the past and be as slutty as possible
II) to kill Sara Conner
III) she will kill your sleep.
Benz is the Thurminator-II (T2)
by Chuman March 30, 2005
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A very cool kid who climbs the social ladder while staying a stereotypical asian.
T2 is the man with his violin and math skills, but it sucks his parents won't let him out of the house.
by MASsachusetts October 24, 2004
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