Immediately after period sex, when the penis is still erect but also covered in blood.
by Oceaninto January 6, 2017
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is when your shite is so massive, that it tears your anal lining, causing one or more blood red pinstripes to develop down along the side(s) of that massive shite.
I got bunged up so bad from that all cheese pizza, that when I finally took a really painful shit, it tore my ass hole out and created a Red Dragon!
by Red Dragon #20 June 23, 2010
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When an Asian person drinks alcohol and turns red (another word for Asian glow)
Damn look at that guy..hes got mad Red Dragon happenin
by charzard102 May 19, 2010
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The initiation to a gay skateboard club where one guy gives another a hand job - no lube... rubs it raw and hard until the guy orgasms - the guy giving the hand job then takes his bloody, cum covered hand and slaps the other guy in the face leaving a big "red dragon" on the guys face!
To prove he wanted to be part of of the club Jason let Ellis give him a "Red Dragon"
by Hopa Nopdop April 15, 2010
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That wonderful week of the month where a female's vagina becomes a fire breathing monster because it's bleeding as if Chuck Norris kicked her between the thighs. Be careful around this woman, have chocolate and although everyone (including her) knows that she's being dramatic because her crotch is bleeding, don't EVER say it out loud to her. She will literally rip your head off
She has the red dragon. Pack your things, we're moving to Europe
by gooch26 April 6, 2016
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A regional leader of the KKK who reports to the Grand Wizard himself.
"I now nominate you the Red Dragon of the Canada branch."
by Gutlesstexas April 11, 2018
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