By far the best psychological horror game of all time. Their may never be another game that can top it.

Not even horror games nowadays such as Manhunt or The Suffering can compare to that brilliant game on PSOne.

Silent Hill was the first game that had a very complicated and complex story with in depth characters that left gamers in a state of disbelief as the credits rolled. It was dark, depressing, creepy and all around revolutionary.

The only two games that I believe have even come close to the perfection of Silent Hill is Fatal Frame (PS2/XBOX) and Silent Hill 2 (PS2/XBOX). But Silent Hill is still superior when it comes to plot.

If you haven't played it, then you are missing out. You may not be able to appreciate it for what it is at first since the graphics and voice acting is outdated. But it is still worth experiencing.
Silent Hill deserves 10/10.
by Bloody Cape January 2, 2005
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A survival horror game series created by TeamSilent under Konami, famed for its unrivalled character development, detailed environments and its creepy atmosphere among other things.

There are currently 5 Silent Hill games (Play Novel; a handheld version of the original game that is only available in Japan).

Silent Hill 1 was first released in 1999 on the Sony Playstation and was an instant success; being not only one of the scariest games of its time, but of all time.

Shortly after, Silent Hill 2 was put in to development, and was finally released in 2001. This game was also a huge hit; with the full support of fans of the original game (however the story is completely unrelated to the original) and an entire new generation of gamers backing it. This item of the series is famed particularly for the extremely indepth character development that has elements tied in to almost every aspect of the game.

In 2003 Silent Hill 3 was released; this game is a direct sequel to the original however it takes place several years later. It neatly ties up many of the plotholes left by the original, and is famed for its particularly gruesome monsters.

Silent Hill 4 was released in 2004 however it was originally developed for an independant game series, due to the extremely low predicted sales rate, it was quickly tied up as a Silent Hill game in an attempt to boost its popularity. Despite this, the game had a record low amount of sales compared to all of the previous Silent Hill games.

The Silent Hill franchise has since expanded, and a movie (strongly influenced by the original game) directed by Christopher Gans is due for a worldwide release on April 21st 2006. Several comics are also available, although they are all produced independantly, one comic that does have the backing of Konami has been made and is awaiting release.
Silent Hill is a survival horror video game series created by Konami.
by Redcloud April 16, 2006
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An ingenious horror game developed by the company that brought to us all kinds of great games like Metal Gear, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Contra, Castlevania, and countless others......yeah that's right. Konami. ^.^
As this is defined there are 4 games in the series, each with different storylines (actually, the first and third SH's are linked). Whatever the case, Silent Hill represents some of the finest in psychological terror, complete with realistic graphics, disturbing background music and sounds, and a deep storyline provoking food for thought.
"I'm trying to rent Silent Hill 4 : The Room for PS2 but the bastard who has a copy from Blockbuster isn't returning it! >_< "
by Dave September 15, 2004
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Possibly the best game series ever made. With complex, intricate, psychologicaly challenging story-lines, creepy, melancholic environments, in game characters with life-like traits and emotions, and a stunningly beautiful, not to mention, very desolate soundtrack that will leave you speachless.
1.Silent Hill is the best game series ever.
2.Silent Hill 2 was a very depressing, dark game.
3.Silent Hill 4 was not as good as the 3 former.
by Brian September 6, 2005
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Any place or idea that is considered taboo or at the very least extremely disturbing.
I'm not going in there! That place is fucking Silent Hill!

Necrophilia? Dawg, you been spending too much time in Silent Hill.
by Muad'dib May 27, 2005
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A broad term (usually used as an adjective) that describes art and other media that is under a specific classification of horror; commonly, material associated under psychological horror, decay, physiological abnormality, and macabre.

Silent Hill is originally a popular survival-horror game series by Konami. It was favored by the horror gaming audience because Silent Hill had a refreshing style when compared to its earlier, "traditional" genre relatives, such Resident Evil.
Silent Hill's recognizable characteristics were decrepit architecture, ambience and symbolism. The game used eerie atmosphere (commonly expressed through building that were aged or wrecked.) as opposed to the earlier horror games that used shock tactics and surprise to achieve horror. Where other games used hideous visage and grim faces for their enemies, the creatures in Silent Hill were characterized by bizarre anatomy and disfigurement. Games commonly used gore in order to shock the player. However, Silent Hill usually avoided gore, at least for the majority of the time.

So, when media is described as 'Silent Hill,' it is implied that it is composed of either disfigurement, subtle horror, deterioration and is something frightening that doesn't out-right involve violence or gore. It is common for media under the horror genre to use unsettling, but minimalist, imagery; because there is no specific classification for this, it is commonly associated with an the 'Silent Hill' series, much like other work is considered 'Lovecraftian' or 'Orwellian.'
"Those pictures are Silent Hill."

"Those pictures are Silent Hill-like."

"Those pictures are Silent Hill-esque."

<presented material>
"Silent Hill!"

by Badgers February 17, 2006
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n. a video game series developed by konami. it's emphasis on more cerebral horror has frightend many gamers the world round, with its disturbing images and freeky enemies. you, the player,are usualy equipped with a decent amount of weapons for shooting and beating enemies to death.
"Dude, did you see that monster? It was soooo fucking Silent Hill!"

"Hey, Aaron? would you like to visit Silent Hill during the summer?"

"Hey don't make me grab a lead pipe and go all Silent Hill on your ass!"
by Dev-Dev July 24, 2003
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