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Short For Role Play

This is a GAME Where you make a character and go through storylines as this character.

RP is played in Chatrooms suck as AOL's Red Dragon Inn(Few People Go There Anymore), and also can be played one on one with a person.

Sadly, Chatters, n00bs and other losers are taking over and destroying the pure RP race.

RP has several fighting systems such as T2 where you have to repply faster than they attacked, also used is where your post has to be longer than theirs for a block.

RP is also assosiated with Forums.
There are several RP forums out there set to a specific place, time, date etc. Other forums are based loosely on games or movies such as Final Fantasy 7 and Silent Hill. Detail is greatly prized in most organized forums.

RPers usually have a screenname that is the name of their characters, and use several styles of RP.

1) :: & :: used for Action
2) b or d when fully done with post
3) * & * used for action.
4) " & " used when Speaking.
1) RikkusDream- ::Rikku walks into Red Dragon Inn looking around silently before finding a seat near the bar and sitting down::

2) FinalLight- ::Fin walked around happilly challenging anyone to get in his way:: Bring it on you losers! ::He said in a confident tone:: b

3) BlackDragon- Run Rikku!! *Black dragon yelled over his shoulder to Rikku who was still frozen in her footsteps*

4) DanteBlackHeart- "Well, Look at this little lady" ::Dante said turning her face toweards him:: "Arent you a cutie" ::He smirked and let go chucklng to himself::

5) Who is your RP Character?
by RikkusAnEmoX June 13, 2006

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