Referring to the name of a boy or girl. Usually very down to Earth and positive. They always have a smile on their face. Although many have trouble expressing their emotions truthfully they have strong feelings. They crack lots of jokes that are light hearted but every once in a while they will try a little too hard for a joke and it will fall flat. Cedar’s are the best friends!
She must be a Cedar, she’s always giggling.
by Soggysalamander September 24, 2018
A whiny little bitch. Named after a tree (not pog). Probably thinks anarchy is the best way to run a government. Hates people with different political views than him. Thinks he's better than everyone because he plays sports.
"Cedar is a bitch."
"I know right!"
by Robinhood_xX January 27, 2022
1. A family of elegant deciduous trees known for their scented wood and resistance to weather.

Cedar is mentioned in The Iliad, referring to the cedar-roofed or lined storage chamber where Priam goes to fetch treasures to be used as ransom.

2. A fine, handsome lad.
That boy stands strong and tall, like a cedar.
by wwodin February 16, 2010
Cedar is you all-time best friend. They've been through a lot but they don't need to depend on anyone. They are strong, cute, funny, and crack a few lame sad jokes.
Cedar, are you a tree?

Cedar: If I was, I would have asked someone to cut me down already.
by I write under pseudonym June 15, 2019
A Cedar is the coolest human being alive. He is truly deserving of a fan club and cult like following He is the most majestic being alive.
Hail Cedar
by this_is_my_username_666 May 17, 2019
Someone that is the most loyal person you have ever met. She is very athletic and hangs with the guys she I usually a pretty person that loves to be social. Cedar is always funny and has a little bit of a dirty mind. Cedar is a great friend!
Wow, cedar is so chill.
by Chance24 January 23, 2019
A person who people find incredibly annoying, but still keep around.
That chick’s a total Cedar.”
“Yeah, it’s kinda sad.”
by Soulsinix September 3, 2021