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I am so puzzled as to why people cant keep my damn name out their mouth.
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by bb993 November 17, 2016
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The Nussy, or the “nose pussy”, if you will, was discovered during the corona virus pandemic of 2020. People that had to be tested for Covid-19 had to have their nose swabbed right where the brain connects, which often led to people rolling back their eyes and gagging.

A nose-swab-fetish developed from this, because we, as humans, ruin everything.
“Oh fuck yeah, swab my nussy”

Sir, please, I went to medical school

by Pogoextreme December 25, 2020
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Slightly to moderately drunk.
Come over tonight, we're going to get puzzled on some brew.
by Raymond Smuckles October 01, 2008
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The way people walk around in 2020 - walking.. starring as if nothing makes sense *almost looking constipated*
Boomer: Ron, Why do those young kids over there look like they just smoked purp skerp??
Ron: Nawh, thatsa just how they look nowadays - puzzled is what makes sense.
Boomer: Imagine?
Ron: 'Magin
by Workatrollics November 26, 2019
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