Merry Christmas merry Christmas Christmas merry Christmas happy merry Christmas
Merry Christmas merry Christmas Christmas merry Christmas happy merry Christmas Christmas merry Christmas to you merry Christmas merry Christmas Christmas ggg
by December 30, 2021
An insult for when a group of girls begins to insult you. It is followed up with “Ho, ho, ho”.
“You’re so ugly!”
“Yeah, Merry Christmas to you, too.”
“Why are you saying Merry Christmas to us? Are you retarded?!”
*turns around to face them*
Ho, ho, ho.”
by IHadOneJob June 11, 2022
Merry Christmas Kyle is the root of the sentence “My names Shity Niggas, Yo Kyle”
“ Merry Christmas Kyle” can be use as a joke or as a comeback to Kyle
by Loxnezzz August 17, 2022
This sentence comes from the root of the sentence “My names Shity Niggers, Yooo Kyle”. Filmed on the trail behind Union Beach Memorial School.
This sentence could be used as a insult to someone named Kyle. Say you and Kyle are fighting you could say “Merry Christmas Kyle” as a comeback.
by Loxnezzz August 18, 2022
Is A Christmas Tree Of Which Is More Merry Than Usual.
Person: “It’s a Christmas Tree
Person 2:”No... it’s a MERRY Christmas Tree
by Kxle4567 November 26, 2019
To kill someone and say, "Merry Christmas." Usually used in cohorts with heavy breathing.

Often used by Bill Cosby in the Bill Cosby Fun Game!

"Dude, you just pulled a Merry Christmas!"

*Heavy Breathing*"Merry Christmas!"
by Brandon Pfeltz May 5, 2005
"Mustn't Masturbate Merry Christmas" is a challenge given to mostly men that revolves around that masturbating for all of Christmas Eve and Christmas day. Those who fail are forced to become elves, working in Santa's workshop for the rest of their lives. Those who pass, however, are given 30 minutes to do what they'd like with Mrs Claus, Santa's wife. Most, however, tend to pork her.
Person 1: Why have you been so down recently?
Person 2: I don't know. I just can't find the holiday spirit.
Person 1: Just participate in "Mustn't Masturbate Merry Christmas"!
Person 2: What's that?
Person 1: *shows them Urban Dictionary definition*
Person 2: Don't ever talk to me again.
Person 1: *commits suicide*
by Your Materfamilias December 24, 2018