A very British way of saying that you enjoy something.
"I really like that sunset." - some American
"I do say, that sunset is quite pleasing." - some Brit
by eddieMcBride November 13, 2013
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A short and quick phrase uttered in reponse to a story bring told that seems to have no purpose, a frustrating situation, or simply to disagree. In essence, it is short for the phrase, "and please, shut the f*** up." Also abbreviated as "AP."

Not to be confused with "N-please" (as in Nigga Please)
Person 1: "Man I have been studying for 12 hours now, im a machine."

*(in reality, he has spent more time on facebook and IM than studying)
Person 2: AP!

Person 1: BP's president is claiming that the oil spill will have only moderate effects on the environment.
Person 2: And please, Mr. President.
by KakSoran June 4, 2010
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an expression of joy or laughter in response to a funny joke/statement. typically a substitute for "LOL", "LMAO", etc.
"did you see this picture that laur sent?"

by fairydoir February 18, 2021
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a polite way for people to ask you to do their dirty work for them.
person #1: can you please get me a cup of water?
person #2: fuck off, bitch!
by Jojo_T March 20, 2019
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This is basically like saying "no thankyou"
*advert pops up*
No please nigga
by Roadmanwannabe September 12, 2016
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