Jewish term for the foreskin or prepuce.

A term of contempt when used to describe a person. i.e.
Superfluous to requirements, Useless, Unnecessary
Fulfils no purpose, A waste of space
He forgot his anniversary!, what a complete putz.
by Peter Doyle August 17, 2006
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In Jewish golf, when you get on the greens you putz! If you miss, you are putzing around.
I'll putz for an eagle, but I wouldn't walk a mile for a camel.
by Bob L March 31, 2004
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A small town in southern Taiwan, known as Putzu in Mandarin but written as Putz in English on several highway road signs.
Putz General Hospital is how the English language sign on a website spells it.
by PRwiz101 June 22, 2005
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Joe is a good closer, but he's no putz.
by euphemismo July 22, 2006
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dumb ass, ignoreant!! stupid, lazy, gilkerson, castell
Gilkerson and castell are the biggest putz I have ever seen
by BCm February 14, 2007
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An epithet which, applied to a person, dehumanizes hir as an obstacle...something in the way...a hindrance (to one's progress).

I made this word up circa 1978(it SOUNDS Yiddish but it's not!). It began as "putts", iow, people in traffic ahead of me who were just "puttin'" along in their slow-assed cars.
"Come on, ya putz! Move yer ass! I'm late for work here!"
by Rok'n'rol Wannabe September 14, 2008
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Tami, she just can't help herself.
by Mr. X February 2, 2005
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