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Ok i think the real issue in this school is the BBC. Wow probably the biggest bunch of faggots i have ever seen. A bunch of freshman who think they are big tough guys. I mean really guys... how many times do u have to get ur ass kicked before you get the picture. You all can talk so much shit when your with your "gang" but would get ur ass kicked by almost anyone in the school. I have never seen a BBC thug superstar start anything by himself cuz he knows hell get his face beat in. I mean everyone in theis school is acting childish and for some reason all the shit coems down on TR. I mean they jsut a group of kids doing what they liek to do. They dont even claim to be a legit racing team with fast cars. The funny thing is all those little freshman who think they are bad asses because they learned how to smoke a cig and where bandanas.... I mean damnit guys this is Amesbury get a fucking clue.
I do not favor either side, cuz i dont know any of these guys... but the damn freshamn are jsut makin themsleves look like fools... please go get ur asses kicked one more time and drop out now to save us some time...
by Mr. X April 30, 2004
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Slang for money.
Also cool Fleetwood mac/Priest song.
I am going to collect the Green Mannlishi.
by Mr. X January 30, 2005
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non existant creature
hay johns tall! no he is on my nose.
by Mr. X October 29, 2004
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A more affectionate way of calling someone a retard or a douchetard. Meant as an insult, but not as a serious one; often used between friends.

Inspired by Couche-Tard, the Canadian convenience store chain. "Couche-tard" is French for "night owl", literally meaning "goes to bed late." But because of its similarity in sound to the English insult douchetard, "couchetard" was converted into an English-language insult with a meaning similar to douchetard but less offensive -- even bordering on affectionate.

Also "couchetarded", adj.
He's my best friend, but let's be honest, he can be a couchetard sometimes when he's not thinking.
by Mr. X April 4, 2005
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The bitch who hired a hitman to kill Kurt Cobain. That freakin' bitch.
Mr. X: Courtney Love killed Kurt Cobain?
Mr. Q: Seems so.
Mr. X: Bitch.
by Mr. X December 5, 2004
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short version of "ex-Mormon"

a person who has given up the beliefs of the latter day saint religion

Bob: "Hi, my name is Bob, and I'm a recovering exmo. I've been lds-free for

three months now."
Everyone: "Hi Bob!"
by Mr. X March 30, 2010
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Another word for Homosexual or someone who is gay using the Cleveland Hardcore slang "ario" made famous by Pitboss 2000. See also wiggario, jockario, nerdario.
Yo look at that kid with the Rod Stewart Haircut, what a faggario.
by Mr. X August 23, 2004
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