Yiddish. Pain in the penis. Pronounced putz-vaytig.
He's a real putz-vetig, our president. A malchamoovitz. (Yiddish:angel of death).
by Murray Haldanish September 27, 2019
A coworker who seemingly spends his entire workday visually immersed on meaningless activities while all of his collegues are extremely busy working on real business. His outward appearance suggests he is diligently involved in some pertainent project when, in fact, if the contents of his screen are inspected, it becomes quickly apparent that he is just putzing away the hours on some usless bullshit. Usually the putz master is a nice person and has been put into a position that intellectually they are unable to perform so the coworker is confused as to whether they should help support his pitiful facade or alternatively end it all in the parking lot.
Coworker: "Hey, what have you been working on all week?"

Putz Master: "Ah, well, some import stuff. I'll show it to you next week".

Coworker: (under his breath), "Fucking putz master"
by raging Jorge September 30, 2010
(Interjection): used especially to express mild disappointment, usually at not being able to join friends in an evening of debauchery.
Putz, I can't make it tonight.
by dcd$ March 2, 2011
Slang Yiddish reference describing the qualitatively sad existence of a person who just hangs out and does nothing all day long.
That ganja smoking, champagne guzzling trust fund baby is clearly living the diamond-studded putz life.
by Dr Bunnygirl May 17, 2019
Name given to a particularly small but friendy person. Beware though, this person can bite pinch & punch!
Hey here's come Peter Pupple Putz......quick run, he's gonna pinch us!

Oh look at James today, he's totally pupplicious!
by Lurleen November 9, 2006
Watching TV in the background, especially a series, while doing trivial tasks around the house.
Sarah: How could you have missed that part???
Jill: I don't know, I was just kinda putz-watching while I cleaned up the kitchen.
by SmallieBiggs December 25, 2021
Is an endearing term referring to a loved one. Mixture of American and German, with Putz being used in a manner that is complimentary.
Rick is my little Shnookie Putz!!
by Miksta-AU February 15, 2011