To mess around, with no specific plan or motivation
"All I did today was DIDDLE PUTZ"
by Mumsie Dogma February 8, 2009
A very tight,virgin-like vagina.
Damn!that girls got a charp putze!
by Mr.Sailboat April 16, 2006
The act of not doing anything in bed but rolling around aimlessly. Without any hope or inclination to get anything done.
You: Chris, what'd you do yesterday.
Chris: Stayed in bed putzing around all day with Christie.
by Chris D. C. May 11, 2009
The vile attackers who invaded the U.S. Capital on 01-06-2021, deficated then smeared the feces.
Trump Poop Putzes have literally added to the "stain" his legacy is leaving on U. S. history! Some of them deficated in a bathroom and smeared the excrement around the walls and floors of the building.
by talk2me-JCH2 January 9, 2021
Peter Pickle Putz: someone really clumsy in nature.. Extremely goofy. this type of person deserves a special title.
your buddy is walking down the street tries to pick up on an girl and at the same time trips over his own feet..

you reply, "nice one Peter Pickle PutZ"
by (Anwar ) Plan-A-Emcee May 18, 2005