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People who are unemployed and using the free time to have fun and explore new areas in their lives while they wait for their next job opportunity.
"Hey, man, I just love being funemployed now. I can have all day and night to enjoy my life and have fun, instead of working for The Man, you know."

-- overheard at a watercooler in a public library in Longmeadow, Massachusetts, June 29, 2009
by PRwiz101 July 03, 2009

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(n.) - television graphics that occupy the lower area of a TV screen, originally coined by the Chyron Corporation which develops and manufactures on-screen graphics; now a commonly-used term for such graphics on TV broadcasts worldwide
"I hate it when the chyron is spelled wrong or contains a grammatical mistake. I often see such chyron mistakes on CNN. Sometimes I think the guys who run the TV control rooms can't spell!"
by PRwiz101 April 04, 2010

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To read a book or a newspaper on a Kindle e-reading device
"I'm kindling now, call you back in ten minutes."

"I'm kindling the newspaper now, can't chat, will return call in one hour."

"Do you enjoy kindling with your Kindle?" "Yes, I do enjoy kindling."

"Hey, I've been kindled. My lates t book was packaged by Kindle as a Kindle book. It feels kind of good to be kindled."

"My book was out of print for a long time, but a new publisher reprinted it and put it on the Kindle menu and you could say my book has been rekindled. I love it!"

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by PRwiz101 March 04, 2009

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(n.) -- a neologism for infelicitously-worded newspaper headlines which at first reading seem to mean one thing but upon second reading mean something completely different; often hard to figure out at first; called "crash blossoms" because one specific headline from a newspaper used the two words -- "crash blossoms" -- in a confusing way
Japan Violinist linked to JAL crash blossoms
by PRwiz101 August 29, 2009

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(n.) -- Those people in any society who are at a huge economic, cultural or moral advantage based on social constructs, ascribed status and/or nationality.
We always hear about the underprivileged class -- those people who have little money and have to struggle all their lives -- but we seldom hear about the overprivileged class: those who have too much money and never have to struggle at all.
by PRwiz101 January 30, 2011

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(n.) -- an online activity in which one visits a website, Twitter feed, or
Facebook page for the express purpose of ridiculing -- or indulging
one's disdain for -- the author and/or the content on the site
"Okay, I'll be honest: I indulge in hate-reading from time to time, sure, ever since I
discovered the Internet in junior high. It's something I usually do alone, late at night, when I'm
procrastinating or drunk or bored."

overheard at an office watercooler in Modesto, California, Decemeber 16, 2011
by PRwiz101 January 30, 2012

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(n.) - A nostalgia for old manual and electric typewriters as well as the sound of typewriting on such machines
"I like my computer with its sleek keyboard, of course, but I must say, I also harbor a personal typestolgia for the old days of manual typewriters and electric typewriters."

-- overheard at a watercooler in Manhattan, May 15, 2010
by PRwiz101 May 21, 2010

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