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The bad buzz you get from marijuana, basically when you get too high. Symptoms include severe anxiety, paranoia, panic attacks, increased heart rate, decreased blood pressure, hunger, dehydration, severe cottonmouth, shallow breathing, nausea, vomiting, loss of common sense, feeling you've lost touch with reality, dizziness and impaired balance and going pale (or "going green"). Not the nicest.

The whole scenario is common amongst first-time users, lightweights and 12-year-old kids. Pure stoners even experience the greens now and again.
"Fucking hell, man, that is some brilliant blow".
"Yeah, just leave me for a minute".
"Fuck, he's going in the fetal position!".
"No, I'm fine, fine, fine!"
"Damn, brother got the greens".
by surfking September 01, 2009
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The Green is a bit of grass in the centre of a council estate with two pieces of wood hammered into the ground. β€œThe Green” is used to describe how bad a garden or pitch is.
Turns up at a Football match
Ffs, the pitch is so bad, it’s like playing on The Green.
by WakandaF0REVER April 30, 2019
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Going to Vietnam during the war was referred to as going into 'The Green'
Alll of the Death, all of the victories and defeats. They all happened in The Green.
I'm going to the green I may never come back. I sold my cigarettes now I own a backpack. I'll ruck my ass high and low and if a sniper takes my head I'll never know. Because I'm into the Green and I won't won't run away. My friends have been here on their daying day. I won't forget the Green. No. no, I wont forget the Green.
by LeElohm June 10, 2008
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a place in newcastle where people hang out u get all sterotypes hanging there well it used to be the hippy green but hippies left and emo's came in they stand do random shiz Chav/Charvers sometimes go there only to insult the emos n get pissed. alternative to standing at monumment or going to leezers park
*person1*wanna go to the green?
*person2* nooo too many scary emos n chavs i think we shud try the gate.........
by x-V-x March 12, 2009
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