The bad buzz you get from marijuana, basically when you get too high. Symptoms include severe anxiety, paranoia, panic attacks, increased heart rate, decreased blood pressure, hunger, dehydration, severe cottonmouth, shallow breathing, nausea, vomiting, loss of common sense, feeling you've lost touch with reality, dizziness and impaired balance and going pale (or "going green"). Not the nicest.

The whole scenario is common amongst first-time users, lightweights and 12-year-old kids. Pure stoners even experience the greens now and again.
"Fucking hell, man, that is some brilliant blow".
"Yeah, just leave me for a minute".
"Fuck, he's going in the fetal position!".
"No, I'm fine, fine, fine!"
"Damn, brother got the greens".
by surfking September 01, 2009
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Slang for "I'm all set" or otherwise being in the green on all accounts for a general report or a LACE report.

(LACE standing for Liquids, Ammunition, Casualties, Equipment)

This is to refer to the status of equipment on personnel in the military because color codes are synonymous with status. For example, ammo can go from green, yellow, orange, red, and black to convey to a Squad leader or Fire team leader the rough idea of the overall squad's munition status. Green being full. Black being empty.
"Hey! Are you ok?"
"Hell yeah. I'm green to green dude."
by Fat Rudy September 21, 2020
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Green grenn;Weed - marijuana. ALSO: sticky green, leaf, grass, hydro, hydro green-green, buddha, reefer, chief, chronic, cigaweed.
Man, he got fly ass hydro green-green
by disturbed May 06, 2004
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When one smokes too much weed, one throws up, doesn’t feel well, or smokes too much and passes out.
Dude, I smoked so much last night I greened.
by Ah-Nah June 23, 2019
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A Word To Use When You Think Something Is Better Than Awsome.
Steve: Did You Like That New Movie Joe?

Joe: Yea Steve, That Movie Was Greenness!
by Kargoth March 04, 2009
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Something unfair has occured.
Term originated in Miami.
"10 pounds of ice is $1.99. 20 pounds is $3. They only have 20 pounds of ice, they out of the 20 pound bag, that's green"
by SnoBunie69 June 21, 2019
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See gay as all hell. Greene references to a male that likes to lick other males unwipe dirty inches. You may also suffer from a tendency to munch on fecal matter whilst jerking-off. Greenes are often recognized by their bad breath and shit-stained teeth. You may want to avoid them at all costs, unless Greenes float your boat.
That guys breath smells like shit, he must have Greened some dude.
by MiMal April 24, 2006
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